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Weber & Pace is a national executive search firm, specializing in recruitment and placement within the sales and engineering disciplines. Our organization was founded in 2015 through an agreed upon partnership with a team of active, established and accomplished recruiters throughout the country. Our aim is to provide a premium experience for both client and candidate through full-cycle involvement, industry knowledge, advanced direct search methodologies, and many other proven systems.


Candidates that elect to partner with Weber & Pace gain substantial advantages. At our firm, we only employ highly experienced and successful executive recruiters that already have a sustained track record of delivering for both clients and candidates. We appreciate that you are not a trained expert in interviewing and securing new positions. We are trained experts.  

With W&P, you will have access to many elite positions (whether confidential or otherwise) that are not posted anywhere online. W&P will also work with you throughout the entire process, all of the way up until your official start date. This includes interview preparation, interview debrief, offer negotiation, working through contingencies of the offer, and resigning your current position in a professional manner.

Please note, candidates are never charged a fee (of any amount) for our services. 


At Weber & Pace, we have distinct goals. Our aim is not only to save you time and hassle, it is ultimately to help you increase profits or decrease costs and grow your business. We will provide you access to candidates that are qualified for your position but (for whatever reason) have not come to you from your traditional methods of search. You may analyze these candidates against the ones you found on your own to ensure that you are selecting the best possible person for the position. We only collect a fee if and when you decide to hire one of our candidates over all of the other possibilities. In essence, you have nothing to lose and at the very least, peace of mind to gain knowing that you have found the best candidate either way.      

We are able to discreetly speak with individuals at your competitors to determine their interest level in a better opportunity. We are proactive, not reactive, and this is the key advantage we hold over your HR department or other traditional methods of gathering candidates. The choice is yours – to hire the best possible candidate for the job (after having us scan both active and passive candidates) or to hire whichever candidate happened to be terminated last week and was at home mass submitting his/her resume all over the internet.      

We will discuss many other specific details as to the needs of your unique search during our initial talk. Please call or e-mail us today to schedule a convenient time for a position analysis call.  


Perhaps similarly to your own organization, Weber & Pace’s greatest asset is in the people that we hire. Our foundational goal was to create a firm that was a step above the rest. We know how frustrating it can be to have a recruiting firm sell you on the idea of “hiring the best possible person for the job” only to assign you a recruiter with nine months in the business working on his 3rd career placement. Those firms themselves may want to look into their own advice. Of course, everyone needs a start somewhere – but W&P’s mission has always been to create a first-class service of the highest order and we are unwavering towards that objective.    

At Weber, we exhaustively screen our recruiters in the same manner that we exhaustively screen candidates for you. We look at years of experience but perhaps, more importantly, we look at quantifiable metrics and performance records. We want to make sure that if we tell you we can deliver on an assignment, we deliver on that assignment. Every recruiter that we have on staff was an active, proven headhunter in the very top percentile of their former firm directly before joining our team.

So, Why Weber? - Because Winners like to work with Winners. 


Our firm is broken down into two main discipline segments – sales and engineering. Each recruiter at our firm has experience working in several sub-groups within those disciplines. Leveraging these experiences, we are able to cover many of the most in-demand areas of both of those disciplines. Below is a small sample of the positions we accept assignments for: 

Sales – (Technical Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Sales Engineer, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, COO, CEO, Branch Manager, General Manager)

  • Sub-group examples would include – HVAC, Compressors, Valves, Metals, Electrical Products, Building Materials 

Engineering – (Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, VP Engineering, Engineering Manager)

  • Sub-group examples would include – Construction Projects, Power Generation, HVAC, Transportation Projects, Oil/Gas


Weber & Pace LLC
90 Park Avenue
17th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Phone: +1 (512) 535-2541


VP of Sales - Analytics Software - Austin, TX
Regional Sales Director - Global   - New York, NY

Director of Sales - Compressors - Denver, CO
Inside Sales Engineer - HVAC - North Los Angeles, CA

Reg. Sales Engineer - Chemicals - Houston, TX


Engineering Manager - Construction - Dallas, TX

VP of Engineering - Oil/Gas - Houston, TX

Director of Mechanical Engineering - HVAC - Boston, MA

Mechanical Engineer - HVAC - North Los Angeles, CA

Electrical Engin. Manager - Power Systems - Chicago, IL

VP of Engineering - Transportation - Atlanta, GA           


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